Ads in audio streams

Cuterdio is free of ads! Forever, but...

If there are ads, for example of beginning of the audio stream, they came from the station it self. Most of the stations play a longer ad at the beginning of a stream... This is bad, but we have no influence on this.

Zero rating

I am not a big fan of zero-rating like StreamOn from Telekom or Vodafone Music-Pass, because it endangers net neutrality. Many people have asked if Cuterdio supports zero-rating. Yes, if the channel is listed with your mobile provider:

Unfortunately, for network policy reasons, Cuterdio will not directly support these services.


Tap on the cover. On the backside you can find some actions for the current Artist:

  • Wikipedia
  • Fullscreen cover
  • Spotify



Simple hold down a station. The item will pop out and you can simple drag & drop it.


Edit the station. At the end of the view is a delete button.

Custom station

In the search page scroll to bottom to add a custom station. The image have to be an URL to a image in the web.

No meta information

Some stations do not provide information about artist and title in the audio stream. Therefore, unfortunately, no album or cover can be determined.

MTMR - My TouchBar My rules

Cuterdio supports MTMR with the following configuration:

  "type": "shellScriptTitledButton",
  "width": 700,
  "refreshInterval": 10,
  "align": "center",
  "source": {
    "inline": "echo -e $(cat ~/Library/Containers/de.suplanus.Cuterdio/Data/Library/Cuterdio/TrackInfo.txt)"
  "actions": [
      "trigger": "singleTap",
      "action": "appleScript",
      "actionAppleScript": {
        "inline": "activate application \"Cuterdio\""
  "image": {
      "filePath": "~/Library/Containers/de.suplanus.Cuterdio/Data/Library/Cuterdio/TrackInfo.png"
  "bordered": false